Board Certification

The Board Certification Program is done on a case by case basis. However, the areas of medicine that we are willing to accept include Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. Any physician who is interested in assistance with board certification will be referred to Dr. Francis. He will then contact that physician, discuss their needs in passing their exams, and then outline what PASS Program will do to help them succeed.

Participants will be encouraged to attend the classes that are being held during the weeks that they are here at the program. In addition, the participant will receive a one hour tutorial session each day (Monday thru Friday). As we do the questions with the individual, we essentially discuss the best approaches to the different standardized test questions and we discuss the main concept contained in the questions. We also try to discuss the main topics that are tested frequently.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own question banks which are used in their field of medicine. Please call our office at (217)-378-8018 to schedule!


(We provide housing if needed)