PASS Program is proud to bring you our new and improved On-Demand program!. Our revolutionary approach is to get you to understand the foundation of medicine that is needed for all steps of your exam. Students will find that no matter what test you take, there will still be a foundation of knowledge that is needed to be successful. That is where we come in! We want to give you the necessary tools to build on the information that you have learned in medical school. Our method works for both USMLE and COMLEX-USA exams. We are dedicated to not only showing you how to understand medicine but make you a better doctor.


  1. Introduction
  2. Low Energy State
  3. Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Elements
  4. Amino Acids
  5. Protein Structure and Function
  6. Enzymes
  7. Catabolic Pathways
  8. Anabolic Pathways
  9. Anemias
  10. Blood Clotting and Bleeding Disorders
  11. Oncology
  12. Behavioural Science and Psychiatry
  13. Cellular Physiology
  14. Membrane Physiology and Second Messenger
  15. Electrolyte Physiology and EKG Physiology
  16. Neuromuscular Physiology and Pathology
  17. Vascular Physiology and Pathology
  18. Endocrine Physiology and Pathology
  19. Gastrointestinal Physiology and Pathology
  20. Renal Physiology and Pathology
  21. Pediatrics
  22. Surgical Principles
  23. Biostatistics
  24. Cardiac Physiology and Pathology
  25. Pulmonary Physiology and Pathology
  26. Acid Base
  27. Neurophysiology and Pathology
  28. Reproductive Physiology and Pathology
  29. Antibiotics
  30. Immunology and Immunodeficiencies
  31. Lymphocytes, Leukocytes, Lukemias, and Granulocytes
  32. Four Hypersensitivities and Transplant Immunology
  33. Normal Flora
  34. Gram Positives
  35. Gram Negatives
  36. Atypicals
  37. Fungi
  38. Parasites and Protozoa
  39. Mycobacterium, Spirochetes, and Rickettsia
  40. Viruses



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