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What is Coaching? The purpose of coaching is to help fill the gap between where a client is now and where he or she wants to be. The main questions we ask in coaching are: What is happening now? What do you want for the future? How do we get you there? Individuals pursue coaching for various reasons including personal, academic, and professional growth, relationship issues, inter- and intra- personal skill-building, clarifying life’s purpose, motivation and accountability, gaining confidence, and the list goes on. Coaching sessions are 50 minutes and are not meant to be a replacement for psychiatric, psychological, substance abuse or mental health counseling and treatment.

Sessions are 50 minutes and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

About Me:

I completed a B.S. in Psychology and a certification in Alcohol and Drug Counseling more than 15 years ago. My Master’s degree from Bradley University focused on Human Service Administration and Human Development Counseling. In addition, I have certifications in Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and Mindfulness Practice. The most important qualification I bring to my Coaching is my own personal experiences with depression, anxiety, and living with chronic illness for over three decades. I have specifically worked with PASS Program students for several years on overcoming test anxiety and passing their exams. My life’s purpose is helping others find their path to healing and wellness.

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