USMLE Step 2 CK On-Demand

PASS Program is proud to bring you our new and improved On-Demand program! Whether it’s video or audio that you prefer, we’ve got you covered. Our revolutionary approach is to get you to understand the foundation of medicine that is needed for all steps of your exam. Students will find that no matter what test you take, there will still be a foundation of knowledge that is needed to be successful. That is where we come in! We want to give you the necessary tools to build on the information that you have learned in medical school. As a Step 2 student, you will also have access to our Step 1 videos. We believe your basic science knowledge is vital for every step, so making sure you are strong in that area has proven its benefits over the years. Our method works for both USMLE and COMLEX-USA exams. We are dedicated to not only showing you how to understand medicine but make you a better doctor.

Step 2 Topics

1. Pediatrics

2. Obstetrics

3. Cardiac Murmurs and Management

4. Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State

5. Coronary Arterial Disease and Myocardio-Infraction EKG & Management

6. PAP Smear Interpretation and Management

7. Gynecology Primary and Secondary Amenorrhea

8. Infectious Diseases and General Approach

9. Strokes and Management

10. Surgical Principles

11. Ventilations

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